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Increase your Profits: Discover the TOP 10 Trend Fruits in beverages for 2024


Staying ahead of trends is essential for sustained growth and success in the craft brewing landscape. With growing demand for innovative flavors and experiences, integrating popular fruit trends into brewery offerings can be a lucrative strategy to improve revenue streams. As we move into 2024, the top 10 fruit trends are poised to generate unique consumer experiences and drive sales. 

For this reason, we as Aseptic Fruit Purees, after doing a good data collection we discovered this valuable information about the top 10 fruit trends so far this 2024 that we want to share with you brewer. 

These are the fruits that your buyers prefer, so we invite you as a brewer to use them to your advantage, and in this way, we can affirm that your income will undoubtedly increase. 

As for the results we have: 

1.Pineapple                 6.Orange

2.Strawberry            7.Peach

3.Mango                         8.Lemon

4.Pink Guava           9.Lime

5.Raspberry              10.Blood Orange


    What percentage is estimated that sales may be increased at a brewery using fruit purees in the beverages? 

    Estimating the potential increase in sales at a brewery using fruit purees in the beverages can vary based on several factors such as market demand, pricing strategy, product quality, and effective marketing efforts. However, it's possible to provide a general estimation based on industry trends and observations. 

    On average, breweries introducing fruit-infused beverages using purees may expect to see a sales increase ranging from 10% to 30% compared to their non-fruity counterparts. This estimation accounts for the following factors: 

    • Market Demand: Fruity beer styles, especially those incorporating trendy fruits like pineapple, mango, and raspberry, often generate higher consumer interest and demand. 
    • Expanded Customer Base: Fruit-infused beverages can attract new customers drawn to the novelty and diversity of flavors. By catering to a broader demographic, breweries can increase foot traffic to their taprooms and expand their customer base, to make higher sales volumes. 
    • Seasonal Appeal: Certain fruit-infused beers, such as those featuring citrus fruits or tropical flavors, may experience heightened demand during specific seasons or occasions (e.g., summer months, outdoor events). By aligning product releases with seasonal trends, breweries can capitalize on peak consumer interest and maximize sales potential. 

    So, why do I need to choose exactly those fruits?

    Here are the reasons.

    1. Pineapple

      Pineapple is an exceptional choice for brewers looking to increase their revenues in the U.S. market. According to data from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), demand for fresh pineapple in the country has experienced steady growth in recent years.  

      We can confirm this information with our data report showing pineapple in the first position as a best-seller. 

      In addition, to that, according to data from market research firm Nielsen, pineapple-flavored cocktails account for a significant share of revenues in the U.S. hospitality industry.  

      Pineapple's refreshing, tropical flavor makes it ideal for a variety of beer styles popular in the U.S., from IPAs to sours to fruit beers. Introducing a pineapple beer could increase sales during the summer months, a peak season for beer consumption in the United States.  

      Associated with summer and tropical vacations, pineapple is perfect for seasonal releases and themed promotions in the U.S. market. In addition, pineapple offers nutritional benefits, being an excellent source of vitamin C and antioxidants, which may appeal to health-conscious consumers in the United States.  

      2. Strawberry

        Strawberry is an exceptional choice for you brewer looking to offer a fresh and vibrant flavor experience in your beers. With its sweet and slightly tart flavor profile, strawberry adds a delicious twist that can complement a wide range of beer styles. From wheat ales and ales to summer ales and Saisons, strawberries can enhance the character and complexity of beer, creating a unique and satisfying tasting experience for customers. 

        Specific market data indicates that strawberry-flavored beverages account for approximately 12% of total fruit beer sales in the United States, according to a report by market research firm Nielsen. In addition, sales of strawberry-flavored beers are estimated to have increased by 15% over the past two years, demonstrating steady growth and continued consumer interest. 

        In addition, with the arrival of spring and summer, strawberry-flavored beers become especially popular, as they offer a refreshing and delicious option to enjoy during the warmer months of the year. You as brewers can take advantage of this seasonal trend by incorporating fresh strawberries or strawberry puree into your seasonal beers, creating an attractive and relevant offering for consumers.

        3. Mango

          Mango-flavored beers have emerged as an attractive option within the craft beer sector, and in recent years have captured a notable share of the fruit beer market. Market data suggests that mango-flavored beverages typically account for 5% to 10% of total fruit beer sales in the U.S., with sales growing steadily at 5% to 15% per year. This upward trajectory reflects consumers' growing appetite for tropical flavors and adventurous beers, especially among younger demographics attracted to the exotic allure of mango. 

          By embracing mango as a key ingredient in brewing, brewers can capitalize on the allure of exotic flavors, expand their product offerings and satisfy changing consumer tastes. Whether it's a fruity ale, crisp lager or flavorful IPA, mango beers present a delicious opportunity to captivate beer enthusiasts and drive sales growth in today's competitive market. 

          4. Pink Guava

            Pink guava is an exotic tropical fruit that offers a unique and distinctive flavor that can elevate the flavor profile of beers. With its blend of sweetness, pink guava adds a juicy and refreshing touch to beers, creating an unparalleled sensory experience for customers. Its tropical flavor profile and distinctive aroma make pink guava a popular choice for fruity-style beers, such as sour beers, tropical IPAs or summer ales. 

            In terms of market data, pink guava is gaining popularity among beverage alcohol consumers, especially in emerging markets and among younger consumers. According to a report by market research firm GlobalData, sales of guava-flavored beverages are experiencing significant growth in regions such as Asia-Pacific and Latin America, with a 25% increase over the past two years. 

            5. Raspberry

              Raspberry, with its vibrant red color and distinctive flavor, offers you brewers a unique opportunity to attract the attention of diverse audiences. Not only is this eye-catching color visually appealing, but it can also be especially attractive to certain demographics. For example, in cocktail making, the vibrant red color of raspberry can be a big draw for women, who are often looking for visually appealing and delicious drinks. Additionally, in the soft drink market, raspberry-flavored beverages can be a popular choice among children and young adults looking for refreshing and tasty options. 

              In terms of market data, raspberries are one of the most sought-after fruits in the craft beer industry. According to statistics from the Brewers Association, raspberry-flavored beers account for approximately 10% of all fruit beer sales in the United States, with steady growth in recent years. In addition, sales of raspberry-flavored beers are estimated to have increased by 15% over the past two years, demonstrating continued consumer interest in this particular flavor profile. 

              The vibrant red color of raspberry can also be a major selling point for brewers, as it can help their products stand out in an increasingly saturated market. By incorporating raspberry puree raspberries into their beers, they can create visually stunning and delicious beverages that attract consumers' attention and motivate them to try something new and exciting. 

              6. Orange

                Orange is a classic fruit that adds a refreshing citrus twist to beers, making it a popular choice among brewers looking to add a touch of vibrancy and freshness to their products. With its juicy flavor and distinctive aroma, orange can be used in a variety of beer styles, from summer ales to IPAs, adding a citrusy nuance and a bright note to every sip. 

                Orange's versatility makes it an attractive option to expand your product offerings and meet evolving consumer demands. From wheat beers to session ales, orange can bring a touch of freshness and vibrancy that appeals to a wide range of beer drinkers. In addition, orange is a fruit associated with health and wellness, which can enhance brand perception and build customer loyalty. 

                With its increasing popularity and ability to enhance a variety of beer styles, orange is an excellent choice for brewers looking to innovate and increase revenue. By incorporating fresh oranges or orange puree into their beers, brewers can create exciting and delicious products that delight customers and generate increased sales. 

                7. Peach

                  Peach offers a unique opportunity to add a smooth, fruity touch to your beers. Its sweetness and aroma can transform your beers, from summer to seasonal, adding a refreshing, tropical note to every sip. 

                  This fruit is a versatile ingredient that lends itself to a wide variety of beer styles. From fruit beers to IPAs to sours, the versatility of peaches allows you brewers to experiment and create new and exciting flavor experiences for your customers. 

                  In addition, it would be good to tap into a concept about peach flavor which arguably evokes nostalgic childhood memories for many consumers, as it is a fruit associated with happy, summery moments. Its sweetness and freshness transport us to days of warmth and outdoor fun, making it a perfect ingredient for creating beers that evoke emotions and emotional connections to the past. 

                  8. Lemon

                    Lemon is a classic ingredient in the craft beer world, known for its ability to add a refreshing, citrusy twist to a wide range of beer styles. Its vibrant, tart flavor makes it a popular choice among brewers looking to add complexity and freshness to their creations. 

                    In terms of market data, lemon-flavored beers have seen a steady increase in demand in recent years. According to statistics from the Brewers Association, sales of lemon-flavored beers have increased by 12% over the past two years, reflecting a growing consumer interest in refreshing, citrusy flavor profiles. 

                    Lemon is especially versatile in brewing, as it can be used in a variety of styles to add tartness and brightness. From wheat beers to light, summery ales, lemon can enhance the character of the beer and add a unique and memorable twist. 

                    9. Lime

                      Lime is another citrus fruit widely used in craft beer, prized for its distinctive tart and refreshing flavor. Although similar to lemon in many ways, lime offers a slightly different flavor profile that can add complexity and unique character to beers. 

                      According to a Brewers Association report, sales of lime-flavored beers increased 10% last year, reflecting a growing consumer interest in refreshing, citrusy flavor profiles. 

                      Compared to lemon, lime tends to have a milder, less acidic flavor, which may be preferred by those seeking a more balanced taste experience. While lemon can be more dominant and pronounced in a beer, lime can subtly complement other ingredients and beer styles, adding a touch of freshness without overwhelming the palate. 

                      10. Blood orange

                        Blood orange, an extraordinary fruit that adds a touch of sophistication and exoticism to craft beers. With its distinctive deep red color and sweet, slightly bitter taste, blood orange is a popular choice among brewers looking to add depth and character to their creations. 

                        Blood orange is especially valued for its versatility in brewing, as it can be used in a variety of styles to add both flavor and color. From wheat ales and ales to IPAs and sours, blood orange can enhance the character of beer and provide a memorable flavor experience for consumers. 

                        this real fruit is an exceptional one that closes out our top 10 most requested fruits for beverages in 2024. With its irresistible combination of flavor, color, and versatility, blood orange offers you an exciting opportunity to experiment and create unique and exciting beers that will captivate your consumers and drive business growth. 


                        So, don't forgetTake Advantage of Those Fruits. 

                        Try experimenting with Flavors, especially with these trends. The brewing world is constantly evolving, and as a professional brewer, it is crucial to stay on top of emerging trends and meet changing consumer demands. 

                        One of the most effective ways to differentiate your beers and stand out in a saturated market is to experiment with unique and exciting flavors, taking advantage of market trends. 

                        Try always to diversify your Offer. 

                        With Non-Alcoholic Beverages. 

                        Expanding your beverage offering to include non-alcoholic options is a smart strategy for you as brewers are looking to increase revenue and appeal to a broader, more diverse audience. Offering non-alcoholic beverages can appeal to consumers who cannot or choose not to consume alcohol, such as designated drivers, people in recovery, pregnant women, and those seeking a healthier lifestyle. By meeting the needs of this market segment, you can expand your customer base and increase sales. 

                        Making soft drinks allows you to experiment with a wide range of ingredients and flavors. By using fruit purées in the production of these beverages, you can create refreshing and tasty options that stand out in the marketplace and appeal to consumers looking for new taste experiences. 

                        By offering a variety of beverage options, including non-alcoholic beverages, they can encourage customers to spend more time at the taproom and increase consumption per visit. Those who do not consume alcohol may be more inclined to stay longer and enjoy the company and atmosphere, which can translate into higher sales and increased revenue for you. 

                        And Cocktails. 

                        Diversifying brewers' offerings is not limited to beer alone. Including cocktails on the menu can be a smart strategy to increase revenue and appeal to a broader and more diverse audience. Cocktails offer a unique opportunity to stand out in a crowded market and offer customers a complete and varied experience. 

                        Cocktails can bring several benefits to a brewer's business: 

                        • Increased Average Ticket: According to a study by the U.S. National Restaurant Association, cocktails account for up to 20% of alcoholic beverage sales in bars and restaurants. In addition, research from consulting firm Technomic indicates that customers are willing to pay an average of 20% more for a premium cocktail compared to a beer. 
                        • Attracting New Customers: According to a survey by Beverage Dynamics magazine, 45% of cocktail consumers in bars and restaurants are women, while only 35% are men. This highlights the importance of cocktails in attracting a more diverse and gender-balanced audience. 
                        • Full Brand Experience: According to research from market analytics firm Mintel, 65% of alcohol consumers consider the variety of cocktails in an establishment to be an important factor when choosing where to drink. Also, 75% of millennials indicate that they are willing to try new and unique cocktails when out socializing. 
                        • Higher Profitability: According to data compiled by market research firm Nielsen, cocktails account for 30% of profit margins in the hospitality industry, despite representing only 20% of alcoholic beverage sales. This suggests that cocktails can offer a significant return on investment for establishments that offer them. 


                        in conclusion, embracing the top fruit trends for 2024 and integrating them into brewery offerings can significantly impact sales and revenue streams. Fruits like pineapple, strawberry, mango, and others not only cater to evolving consumer tastes but also offer versatility in brewing, allowing for a wide range of beer styles to be enhanced with their flavors. 

                        By leveraging market data and understanding consumer preferences, brewers can strategically introduce fruit-infused beverages to capitalize on growing demand and stay ahead of competitors. Whether it's seasonal releases, themed promotions, or year-round offerings, incorporating trendy fruits can attract new customers, increase foot traffic, and ultimately drive sales. 

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