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  • Guide to Making a Milkshake IPA

    Guide to Making a Milkshake IPA

    There will always be styles that take the brewing industry by surprise and make you wonder if they are a trend or not. The Milkshake IPA is one of those styles. This style technically is a subcategory of the New England or Hazy IPA style. Milkshake IPAs are similar to New England or Hazy IPAs because they both share the same water chemistry along...
  • Guide to Making Kettle Soured Fruit Beer

    Guide to Making Kettle Soured Fruit Beer

    Fruit purée is thriving in the craft beverage segment and has been for some time. From seltzers to ciders - even distilled spirits, but there is one beverage which has embraced fruit purée more than any other, and that beverage is beer. There are many styles of beer that can be greatly enhanced by using fruit purée, but none has gained more popularity than...
  • Distillation and Brewing

    Distillation and Brewing

    What Makes Them Similar? Breweries and distilleries go hand in hand. They are often found in the same parts of town, usually industrial parks. Brewers and distillers are cut from the same cloth. Almost every distiller is a brewer first. In some cases, a distiller has a brewer on staff to produce wort and ferment it into alcohol that will be distilled. There is...

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