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  • Kombucha is Coming and How About Hard Tea?

    Kombucha is Coming and How About Hard Tea?

    Kombucha. While this interesting beverage dates back thousands of years to China, it is entirely possible you have either never heard of it or you don’t know much about it. Beyond associating it with a certain health conscience friend or a crunchy granola lifestyle, it has gone mainstream and is being produced on the homebrew scale all the way up to large scale commercial...
  • The Art of Blending

    The Art of Blending

    Blending is exactly what is sounds like - but it is not as simple as arbitrarily mixing things together. It must be to achieve some characteristic or end goal. It is utilized within the alcohol industry for a number of reasons which vary from beverage to beverage, but we will touch on a few that are pungent. Blending can be used to adapt to...
  • Pucker Up: Acidification in Beer

    Pucker Up: Acidification in Beer

    Acidity is defined as the quality, state, degree of being acid.  In other words, the level of acid in substances, in this case we are talking about beer.  The presence of acid in beer is really part of what makes beer what it is. Which could also be said with every fermented beverage. Acids in these beverages are either increased or mitigated due to...

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