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AFP Aseptic Fruit Purées is thrilled to announce the latest addition to our premium range of fruit purées: the Black Currant Purée. This new offering is a game-changer for the beverage industry, providing a rich, tart flavor profile that is perfect for crafting unique and sophisticated drinks.

Black currants are renowned for their intense berry flavor and deep purple hue, which can add a vibrant splash of color and a burst of natural sweetness to any beverage.

For breweries and beverage manufacturers, the introduction of Black Currant Purée means the ability to innovate and expand their product lines. It’s an excellent ingredient for creating non-alcoholic drinks, craft beers, ciders, and cocktails, appealing to a wide range of customers seeking new and exciting flavors.

Moreover, AFP’s aseptic packaging technology ensures that the purée retains its freshness and taste without the need for preservatives, making it a convenient and healthy choice for producers and consumers alike.

Embrace the versatility and allure of Black Currant Purée, and let your beverages stand out in a crowded market. Cheers to innovation and the endless possibilities it brings to the beverage world!

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