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Prepare to dive into a thrilling new era of rewards with AFP Golden Points. This exclusive benefits program, tailored just for AFP customers, is set to transform your shopping adventures.

At AFP, we believe in rewarding our most loyal customers and extending these benefits to you and those you invite to join this extraordinary journey.

Referral Program:

Turning Referrals into Rewards Want to be part of something extraordinary? Our Referral Program is your golden ticket to enjoy EXCLUSIVE benefits. Secure your spot in this rewards network by acquiring a unique referral link. The best part? Your friends can enjoy the perks too! Every new customer you introduce will receive a 5% discount coupon as a token of gratitude. The newly referred customer will also relish a 5% discount on their first purchase.

Reward Levels:

Gather and Revel! The excitement doesn't end here! With AFP Golden Points, the path to gratification is limitless. Six distinct levels of rewards ensure that each purchase propels you closer to increasingly substantial discounts. The more points you gather, the more benefits you can revel in! Imagine the opportunities of scoring exclusive deals on your favorite products.

Are you excited to uncover more details on January 15? Brace yourself because there's still more to explore! You have countless more benefits to unearth with your preferred products and make substantial savings with AFP.

Detailed Breakdown of Rewards: 

First Reward Level: Customers who accumulate 1,000 points qualify for an attractive $8 discount.

Second Reward Level: Customers who amass 2,500 points qualify for a generous $25 discount.

Third Reward Level: Customers who garner 5,000 points qualify for a substantial $60 discount.

Fourth Reward Level: Customers who accumulate 12,500 points qualify for an impressive $150 discount.

Fifth Reward Level: Customers who accumulate 25,000 points qualify for an exceptional $325 discount.

Sixth Reward Level: Customers who accumulate 50,000 points qualify for a superior $700 discount.

Mark Your Calendar - AFP Golden Points Unlocks on January 15!

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